Monday, April 13, 2009

Obama Bo

Okay, it's official: the Obamas have a new pup, and he's a Portuguese water dog. We had a taste of our future yesterday when walking Chloe and Jack. A car slowed, head leaned out, and the driver exclaimed, "Oh, you have Obama dogs!"

So we're now the proud owners of two "Obama dogs." Never mind that our dogs preceded Bo; they will be forever known (at least for the next 4-8 years) as "Obama dogs."

Chloe actually comes by the moniker honestly. We got her from the same breeder, Martha Stern, who bred Bo, and they share bloodlines through their sire, making them distant cousins. Certainly, Bo looks eerily like Chloe, sharing the same cute baby face and white markings (Jack, by contrast, has a far more poodle-like face, with a longer nose and deeper-set eyes). If Bo also shares Chloe's sweet disposition, the Obama girls will be in for a treat.

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Mike Licht said...

Do Portuguese Water Dogs eat linguiƧa?