Saturday, May 3, 2008

Follow-Up to a Fishy Tale

The manager of Annapolis Seafood did indeed contact me via e-mail to say that he was looking into my complaint.  Apologies were offered (which I duly here accept).  I still won't be returning to Annapolis Seafood anytime soon.  On Thursday I stopped by the local Whole Foods in Annapolis and purchased some "west coast sole" (what we used to call "sand dabs"), which was very good and very fresh, not to mention reasonably priced.  I'm not thrilled about giving my food dollars to Whole Foods, but right now they seem like the only good alternative for fish.

Of course, with halibut costing nearly $24.00/pound, I'm not sure we will be eating that much fish in the future, unless, of course, I come across the occasional special, as I did on Thursday.  I remain divided on the subject of fish from aquafarms.  I gather that some species, such as Tilapia, do little damage, while salmon wreak havoc on the environment.  For the time being, I'm inclining toward "wild" fish caught from the sea, but it's becoming almost prohibitively expensive, and I'm worried about overfishing.  It's difficult to know fully the ethical implications of one's choices.

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