Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another Maggie Update

First, the good news: it appears that Maggie's cancer is in remission.  Now the not so good news: she's still suffering side effects from the Cytoxan administered three weeks ago.  It's much improved, but problems with incontinence persist, making us worry that permanent damage was done to her bladder or urethra.  The oncologist assures us that eventually the symptoms will subside, but we remain anxious.

This morning Maggie cavorted outside with Chloe, running after tennis balls, barking indignantly at squirrels, and, in general, having a grand time.  It was wonderful to see her with that much energy, something we never thought we would witness again.  We didn't think she would be strong enough to go sailing with us, but after this morning, we're starting to reconsider.  I'm not sure she could manage tough sailing in high winds, but I think she will do fine with moderate winds and a partially reefed mainsail.  We'll find out next Saturday, when we do our first "shake down" sail of the season.

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